Meet the Wailea Dental Team

Hailey Baclig, Office Manager

Hailey Baclig, Office Manager

Raised in California, Hailey found a passion with all sorts of animals. She had the opportunity to work at a large animal hospital where she assisted in many treatments and surgeries. Hailey has had horses since she was 9, and if she went missing, you could always find her in the paddock with her horses.

Hailey has been with Dr. Olson professionally since 2009 in California and received her AA in 2012. Being Dr. Olson’s daughter means she’s grown up in the dental field and so running the office was a natural fit.

Hailey’s husband, Donjon, and their two adopted dogs keep her busy on the weekends. In addition, to walking her dogs every day and going to the gym, she has developed quite a love of cooking, much to her surprise!

Lauryn Bowers R.D.H

With not only Lauryn’s father being a dentist, but her grandfather as well, it seemed only natural for her to follow along in the dental field herself. Needless to say, the table talk during family get-togethers include a lot of “dental nerd” talk. 

When not at work, Lauryn and her husband spend a lot of time with their dog, Koda, enjoy working out, and of course lots of time at the beach.

Suzanne Lamb D.A.

Suzanne moved to Maui in early 2019. She has worked in the dental field for over 30 years, with orthodontics being her specialty. Now working alongside Dr. Olson with treatment consisting of composite fillings, veneers, extractions, implants, and much more, she feels quite at home at Wailea Dental.

Suzanne and her husband, Steve have 3 grown boys, all of whom went into the military after completing high school. Maui has always held a special place in their hearts, having married here years ago. Together they knew this was where they wanted to be in their empty nest years.

Andrea Olson

Andrea Olson

Andrea and Jeff married in 1993, raised 3 daughters, and built a practice together in Folsom California. In 2011, she started planning their next stage in life and before she knew it, she couldn’t move fast enough to our beautiful island, Maui, with her family.

There’s really no job description that fits Andrea’s role at Wailea Dental, except for a little bit of “this and that”. Front office, back office, errand girl, and anything in between. “Being able to be part of this wonderful practice gives me a lot of joy, but most of I love our patients! I love their stories, their kindness and just helping them relax in a dental office is an amazing feeling!”

When she’s not doing something for Wailea Dental, you can find her walking the beach path, figuring out how to be an empty nester, and sharing in the work of her congregation.

Dr. Jeffrey Olson and his team are looking forward in providing for your all of your dental needs. We look forward in meeting you!

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