Patient Testimonials

Dentist Jeffrey C. Olson, DDS at Wailea Dental – Wailea, Maui HI

We are always so appreciative to hear from our patients, here are a few to share…

Wailea Dental,

I was very pleased and thankful I discovered your practice via an internet search! Thank you for improving my smile with a new veneer and whitening. Dr. Olson, you have a keen eye for quality cosmetic dentistry! Suzanne, thanks for assisting with my care and the opulescence whitening treatment. Hailey, thanks for making the new patient process so easy and for clarifying my numerous questions. 🙂

Your modern office is very inviting, and made me feel like I was coming to a spa rather than a dental office. From the diffuser aromatic oils in the waiting room to the serene wall art to the hot towel received at the end of the treatment— great “extras” to make for a comfortable, relaxing experience.

I will highly recommend your practice to anyone looking for quality cosmetic dental care.

Thanks again,

M.B. (Patient)