Full Mouth Restoration

Wailea Dental – Wailea, Maui HI

Full mouth restoration and/or reconstruction are treatment plans determined for patients for a variety of reasons. Missing or crowded teeth, poor or worn out dental care, improper bite, significant tooth wear and decay, and cracked teeth are the primary reasons many patients are candidates for full mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Olson will design the dimensions of the teeth so the porcelain restorations do not overload the supporting roots and are most visually complementary to the patient’s facial characteristics, Fibonacci sequence.

Most full mouth reconstruction procedures, if not all, involve raising the bite to the original position that was prior to wear or shifting of teeth, which eventually can cause discomfort, or TMJ issues. The cause of short teeth upon smiling, is most often due to worn out back teeth, in which puts additional pressure of the bite on front teeth. Ideally the front teeth should not contact hard upon biting.

Together, the patient and Dr. Olson will design the most conservative, yet most beneficial treatment plan to not only correct any bite problems, but to give the most aesthetic result possible.

Dr. Olson has done many such cases in his career and is continually educated on the most advanced technology available to give you the confidence, in not only, a beautiful smile, but a long lasting one.

Gendex GXDP-700™ 3D Panoramic Imaging system

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